Govt.Poytechnic, Muzaffarpur institution in Bihar is known for it’s academic excellence all over Bihar.

Since it inception it has the proud privilege of producing technocrats with profound technical expertise to face the global challenges of 21st century


  • “We nurture futuristic technical education and instil high degree of Dedication,Discipline,Devotion through excellence and set national standard by producing students with the vision of making the company globally competetive”.
  • Mission

  • “Our mission is to educate the students coming from every nook and corner of Bihar with diverse cultural background to make them englightened and enriched so that they could cater to the need of the Country,Society and the humans race.Our mission is to provide parental attention ,state of the art educational technology and caring for character building and blossoming and heritage.”
  • Objective

  • “To provide quality technical education ,skill and services sector and society at large.”